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Dies ist ein Bericht von einer rumänischen Kollegin, die übers Arbeitsamt einen Job als Küchenhilfe in einer Spargelklitsche in der Nähe von Mannheim vermittelt bekam. Sie beschreibt unter welchen krassen Bedingungen dort  Leute aus Rumänien und Polen arbeiten müssen und wie ihr Chef sie beschissen hat als sie sich weigerte den ihr zugewiesenen Job unter solchen Bedingungen zu machen.

Am incercat sa scriu pe scurt ce s-a intamplat acolo , sper sa fie
bine.Mersi fain de ajutor.

I had a contract for 3 month, from 1st of april till 1st of july 2004. My job was to work in the kitchen, helping the cook. In the contract it sais that I was supposed to work 40 hours, 6 days a week . I earn 6,71 euros per hour and  I had to pay 6,59 for the food and 1,60 for a place to sleep . When I got there I was told taht I recive 800 euros per month, which was pretty good. After the first 4 days, when I had a normal schedule ,8hours per day, the employer talked to me and said that he will change my work and my schedule. From now on I was supposed to work from 6 a.m. till 10 or 11 p.m. with half an hour breaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never knew if there was a real reason for puting me out of this job or he just didn`t want to scare me from the first day I got there, so he just said I am not qualified for the work in the kitchen and from now on I had to do all kinds of things that I was told to, he didn`t specify anything clear. He just mentioned my schedule which was now similar with the one that the other romanian wemen had.We were there 40 romanians, 5 wemen and 35 men ; and 90 polish
people , 10 wemen and 80 men. The people working there were split into 4: most of them were working on the fields picking up spargel , they worked from 5 a.m. till 6 or 7 p.m.; another 20  people were working in a halla all day from 6 a.m. till 10 p.m.with hands and legs in cold water , this was the job which polish wemen did ; the romanian wemen were working like I was supposed to, 16 maybe 17 hours a day doing everything that was asked ; and there was me and another boy working in the restaurant with the german people, but for me this didn`t last more than 4 days .   The only time you could meat each other and talk was during the meals, but as the employers were eating there too, we were
 forbidden to talk in order not to disturb them.  120 people in a eating room were supposed not to talk one with each other.The food for wich we were paying was expired and terible, sometimes they even took the food which was thrown at breakfast from the garbage and put it again on the table at lunch.The bread was never enough. We only got it at breakfast and as the people were working hard they needed bred and good food.Ussualy the workers had to buy there own food from the supermarket and eat it there because everything was awfull. It was like in a prison, most for the romanian girls and the people working in the halla. No time for getting out of there , going in the city to buy cofee or cigarets or whatever they needed.For those working on the fields it was a „little better” , they still got time from 7 p.m. whenthe came from work till 8p.m. when the supermarket closes. Because I worked in the restaurant me and this boy started work at 2p.m. and everybody was quiet envie because we had the morning free.So after 4 days working in the restaurant, the employer told me thet I had to join the romanian girls or go back home.I suppose he didn`t expect that I would choose to go back home after all the trouble I  had with getting this job and the visa, and I had to pay more than 200 euros for it and for medical analysis , insurance and the way to Bucharest because I couldn`t do this in the city I live in. When I decided that I want to go, he made me sign a paper and as I didn`t understand the language , the translater told me that if I don`t
sign it I will have problems at the border and I couldn`t get another job in Europe again , so I signed a paper wich says that both sides agree that the contract is not valuble anymore. Now I think it`s dificult for me to do anything legally against those guys becuse I signed that paper, but without knowing exactly what`s written.I just wanted to go out from there. The place is in Neustadt ,near Mannheim it is cold „ Le Quartier Christ”, no. 5 , it is situated a little outside Neustadt. The name of the employer is Ralf Christ and here is his phone number:63214991630 , 01726238838.fax:63214991640.


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Erfahrungsbericht über die Arbeit in einer Spargelklitsche
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für solche Menschenschinder gibt es nur eines: Anzeigen!!! Und wenn das in den vergangenen Jahren öfters vorkam, dann gleich das AA und das Gewerbeaufsichtamt mit anzeigen, denn sowas läuft nicht unbemerkt von denen ab.

Übrigens würde ich die BRD beim Menschengerichtshof wegen Förderung der Sklaverei ebenfalls anzeigen.